On site shop

We sell Local gift ware, All or the items listed in our menu to takeaway. Free Range eggs from our own hens,

UHT Milk, part bake bread, cakes, flap jacks, snacks,Drinks,

Our Free Range Hens


Cheapest in Argyll £1.00 for 6 , all the money our hens eggs make goes to the the hens, they get treats with it such as Melons, Apples, Cabbage, and all their winter support feed and bedding.  We usually have chicks on site during the spring and summer.  Our birds do a great job in eating all the kitchen scraps in return for their rich golden eggs, which is in part due to there free ranging in the surrounding forest and in part to their very varied diet including curry ! sometimes.



On Site Kitchen Menu

We are offering new for 2019 a hot kitchen menu



Tea/Coffee £1.00

Herb Tea £1.00

Herb tea - Peppermint, Spiced Ginger, Lemon & Ginger, mango & strawberry, Cranberry & Raspberry & Fennel.


              Cakes/Muffins      £1.50 each

Fudge Brownie, Millionaire Shortbread, Rocky Road Cake, Coconut & Raspberry slice,  Home made cake by the slice see cake stand

      Filled Rolls/ Wrap £1.90 each

Coronation Chicken -

Chicken breast meat with sultanas ,& mango in a creamy mild curry mayonnaise sauce.

Dahl & Red onion -

Lentil curry blended with red onions, tomatoes, garlic, & chillies

Cheese & Onion - 

Red Leicester & Farmhouse cheddar cheese with spring & onion in creamy mayonnaise.


Egg, Mayonnaise -

Free range boiled eggs with chives & mayonnaise.

Black Rock Hot Wrap - 

Indian flat bread toasted with your choice of filling from Cheddar Cheese, with garlic butter, chilli, or tomato or a combination of.

                                                                       With or without Rocket Salad




      (served hot with naan or rice)



               see inside shop