Sides & Dips


Dips & Sauces

Single portion of sauce, pickle or chutney.

 Choose flavour from drop down box. For details see below:-

1 free portion with every single starter.


  • Raita - Yoghurt & mint sauce
  • Mango Chutney - Sweet fruity chutney with mango
  • Chilli Sauce- Very hot chilli sauce
  • Chilli Pickle- Chopped live green chillies with fenugreek very hot
  • Sweet Chilli - Chilli in a sweet sauce
  • Lime Pickle - Marinated limes in a hot pickle
  • Garlic & Herb - Mild green herb and garlic sauce.
  • Garlic Mayo - Rich Mayonnaise Sauce with crushed garlic.

     For detailed ingredients please see carton or ask. Please note that a lot of the sauces contain fish oil, garlic, ghee, dairy. And can vary from batch to batch.







    Fresh Coriander

    Small bunch of fresh coriander to chop and serve on your dishes at home. grown on site when possible 

    Chana Aloo

    Side Dish

    Chick Pea and potatoes, vegetarian dish. Eat on its own or use as a side dish.

    Large portion only £3.50;  (regular portion £3.00).

    Bombay Potatoes

    Side Dish

    Packed with spicy potatoes, suitable for vegetarians.  Rich mild dry dish with onions and peppers.  Great with Raita

    Large Portion £3.50

    Mirch Aloo

    Side Dish

    Chilli potatoes. Similar to Bombay Potatoes studded with cherry tomatos and chilliees, hot.  Delicious eaten with Raita.

    Large Portion £3.50  ; Regular portion £3.00

    Gobhee Aloo

    Side Dish 

     Cauliflower & potatoes in a spicy carrot and onion sauce. vegetarian dish.

    Large portion £3.50 ; Regular Portion £3.00

    Masala Potatoes


    Roast potatoes pieces in a rich masala sauce , great as  a side or just on its own. vegetarian dish (contains dairy)   Regular portion